Virtual Paddle Out: July 3, 2013

In Loving Memory of Earl Kanter MD

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Love Never Dies
December 23, 1921 - June 23, 2013

After a long and couragious battle with Parkinson's disease, my father passed away peacefully. While I feel a profound sense of loss, what gives me comfort is that I had a remarkable father in so many ways. I'm left with one final life lesson from him: love never dies. His spirit, intelligence, joy of life, sense of humor, and wisdom will always be with me and our family.

My father had a deep-seated love of the ocean and was a life guard for 30 years for the Ventnor City Beach Patrol. He made his reputation as a competitive swimmer and won many awards. This honed his appetite for frolicking in the hurricane swells that sweep the ocean in late summer. He was the first person to bring surfing to the Jersey Shore in the 1960's - he was an early adopter, teaching himself how to surf and owning one of the first Greg Noll surfboard. In an article about his surfing in AC Press, he said, "I like the thrill of riding a large waves - it's like climbing Mount Everest."

To honor my Dad's memory and his love of the ocean, I am organizing a virtual "Paddle out" on Twitter and Facebook #OceanLoveEarl on July 3, 2013

Surfers that participate in an offline paddle out memorial service, paddle out to a suitable location with flower leis around their necks or with loose flowers (sometimes held between their teeth). The participants then get into a circular formation, hold hands, and silently pray. Sometimes they will raise their clasped hands skyward before tossing their flowers or leis into the center of the ring. Afterward, they paddle back toward the beach to begin their surf session. Often these services take place at sunrise or sunset. In locations with a pier, the service can take place near the end of the pier so that any non-surfers, such as elderly relatives, can watch and participate. Often the participants on the pier will throw down bouquets of flowers into the center of the ring.

On July 3, I want join hands with people who knew my dad, surfers, and others who care deeply about the ocean to celebrate his memory and great love for the ocean by tweeting or posting with the hashtag #OceanLoveEarl with a link to the fundraiser for SurfRider Foundation, your favorite ocean story, or your favorite link that educates about ocean conservation.

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